GoldfineJewelry-BlackMultiStrandBracelet-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-BlackMultiStrandBracelet-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Black Multi Strand Bracelet
Goldfine Jewelry Black Multi Strand Bracelet with our signature crystal magnetic clasp to allow for...
$ 200.00
Goldfine Jewelry Bond Girl Bracelet
Goldfine Jewelry Bond Girl Bracelet. Multi chain linked bracelet with CZ magnetic clasp. Easy to put on...
$ 120.00
GoldfineJewelry-BossLadyGunmetalChainBracelet-2021-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-BossLadyGunmetalChainBracelet-2021-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Boss Lady Chain Bracelet
This Goldfine Jewelry Boss Lady statement piece will soon become a signature staple in your...
$ 205.00
GoldfineJewelry-ByTheSeaLariat-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-ByTheSeaLariat-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry By The Sea Pearl Lariat
Wrap it around your neck twice, or let it hang to its full length. This...
$ 128.00
Goldfine Jewelry Coco Pearl Bracelet
This beautiful pearl bracelet is a perfect stacking and standalone accessory with a CZ, silver...
$ 85.00
Goldfine Jewelry Coco Wrap Necklace
A Goldfine Jewelry classic piece. Swarovski Pearls are complemented by their signature crystal magnetic clasp....
$ 260.00
GoldfineJewelry-DoubleRosaryandVintagePearlEarrings-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-DoubleRosaryandVintagePearlEarrings-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Double Rosary and Vintage Pearl Earrings
Delicately wrapped white zircon on 14K Gold-filled wire, complimented by lightweight vintage pearls. These earrings...
$ 76.00
GoldfineJewelry-EditorStretchBracelet-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-EditorStretchBracelet-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Editor Stretch Bracelet
The Editor Stretch Bracelet from Golding Jewelry is a bestselling staple that makes a subtle...
$ 38.00
Goldfine Jewelry Elizabeth Earrings
The Elizabeth earrings from Goldfine Jewelry are the blend of vintage and modern- delicate pearls...
$ 75.00
GoldfineJewelry-EloiseChokerNecklace-2021-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-EloiseChokerNecklace-2021-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Eloise Choker Necklace
Feminine + flirty, Goldfine Jewelry channels the inner Eloise Bridgerton with this delicate piece. Materials:...
$ 75.00
GoldfineJewelry-NotYourGrandmasPearlNecklace-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-NotYourGrandmasPearlNecklace-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Not Your Grandmas Pearl Necklace
Make a statement with these gorgeous pearls from Goldfine Jewelry. Gunmetal chain with five large...
$ 148.00
Goldfine Jewelry Coco Black Pearl and Black Crystal Drop Earrings
Goldfine Jewelry originally designed these earrings for brides and their bridal parties but quickly realized...
$ 75.00
GoldfineJewelry-FreshwaterPearlKokomoChokerNecklace-2021-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-FreshwaterPearlKokomoChokerNecklace-2021-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Kokomo Pearl Choker
Take yourself away with the Kokomo Choker from Goldfine Jewelry. Perfect for a day at...
$ 75.00