Chanel Large Black and Silver Drop Earrings
Chanel large black and silver drop earrings. Post earrings, CC's move freely on posts to...
$ 1,195.00
EFCollection-BabyDiamondAngelWingStudEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-BabyDiamondAngelWingStudEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Baby Diamond Angel Wing Stud Earring
The Baby Diamond Angel Wing Stud Earring was an important part of the Angel Wing...
$ 550.00
EFCollection-DiamondMultiHeartHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMultiHeartHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Multi Heart Huggie Earring
A sophisticated and chic huggie from EF Collection that brought lots of love to the...
$ 1,495.00
GoldfineJewelry-DoubleRosaryandVintagePearlEarrings-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-DoubleRosaryandVintagePearlEarrings-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Double Rosary and Vintage Pearl Earrings
Delicately wrapped white zircon on 14K Gold-filled wire, complimented by lightweight vintage pearls. These earrings...
$ 76.00
Goldfine Jewelry Coco Pearl Threads
Sophisticate, subtle and sexy- the Coco Pearl Threads from Goldfine Jewelry are inspired by the...
$ 70.00
EFCollection-BabyDiamondStarStudEarrings-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-BabyDiamondStarStudEarrings-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Baby Diamond Star Stud Earring
Reach for the stars. Allover sparkling diamonds infuse this EF Collection miniature star stud earring...
$ 450.00
EFCollection-GoldBubbleHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-GoldBubbleHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Gold Bubble Huggie Earring
When you need an elegant earring to wear day in and day out, look no...
$ 695.00
EF Collection Baby Diamond Open Heart Stud Earring
Follow your heart… straight to EF Collection's mini diamond open heart stud! The perfect addition...
$ 495.00
EF Collection Blue Sapphire Huggie Earring
The only blue EF Collection is feeling is the Blue Sapphire Mini Huggie Earring! Add...
$ 895.00
EFCollection-DiamondTripleHuggieIllusionStudEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondTripleHuggieIllusionStudEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Triple Huggie Illusion Stud Earring
Three rows of sparkling diamonds create a glimmering illusion. One of the rows of this...
$ 675.00
EFCollection-BabyDiamondMoonStudEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-BabyDiamondMoonStudEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Baby Diamond Moon Stud Earring
Love yourself; to the moon and back. Add a touch of flair to your ear...
$ 395.00
EFCollection-MiniDiamondEvilEyeStudEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-MiniDiamondEvilEyeStudEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Mini Diamond Evil Eye Stud Earring
Sparkling pavé diamonds surround a single blue sapphire stone pupil in this EF Collection miniature evil eye...
$ 375.00
EFCollection-DiamondMultiHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMultiHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Multi Huggie Earring
With a fan-like silhouette and rows of sparkling pavé diamonds, this EF Collection huggie earring...
$ 895.00
EFCollection-DiamondMiniBezelHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMiniBezelHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection 5 Diamond Mini Bezel Huggie Earring
With a row of five glistening bezel diamonds, this EF Collection miniature huggie earring brings...
$ 550.00
EFCollection-GoldDomeMiniHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-GoldDomeMiniHuggieEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Gold Dome Mini Huggie Earring
An everyday essential with gleaming flair from EF Collection. This dome shaped mini huggie earring...
$ 425.00
EFCollection-DiamondMiniArrowStudEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMiniArrowStudEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Mini Arrow Stud Earring
EF Collection's diamond mini arrow stud earring boasts .05 carats of diamond set in 14k yellow gold. 
$ 325.00
Goldfine Jewelry Elizabeth Earrings
The Elizabeth earrings from Goldfine Jewelry are the blend of vintage and modern- delicate pearls...
$ 75.00
Goldfine Jewelry Pearl Cluster Drops
The sister piece to the By The Sea Lariat. These beautiful pearl clusters from Goldfine...
$ 75.00
EFCollection-BabyDiamondButterflyStudEarring-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-BabyDiamondButterflyStudEarring-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Baby Diamond Butterfly Stud Earring
Let your style flutter in these EF Collection butterfly studs. Allover sparkling diamonds infuse this...
$ 525.00
EF Collection Diamond Enamel Huggie Earring
With a combination of colorful enamel and a single sparkling diamond at the center, this...
$ 550.00
EFCollection-DiamondMarleyMiniHuggieEarrings-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMarleyMiniHuggieEarrings-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Marley Mini Huggie Earring
All that glitters is definitely gold…and diamonds! A row of pavé diamonds are set against...
$ 995.00
EFCollection-DiamondPear-fectHuggieEarrings-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondPear-fectHuggieEarrings-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Pear-fect Huggie Earring
Your fall look just isn’t complete without a pair of pear-shaped diamond earrings from EF...
$ 825.00
EFCollection-MiniPearlHuggieEarrings-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-MiniPearlHuggieEarrings-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Mini Pearl Huggie Earring
EF Collection mini pearl huggie earring features 10 fresh water pearls set in 14k gold....
$ 525.00
GoldfineJewelry-PearlChandelierEarrings-2021-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-PearlChandelierEarrings-2021-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Pearl Chandelier Earrings
These Goldfine Jewelry earrings are made of vintage pearls that delicately dangle from 14K gold-filled...
$ 130.00
JanisSavitt-GoldCrystalFringeEarrings-2021-Pumpz JanisSavitt-GoldCrystalFringeEarrings-2021-Pumpz
Janis Savitt Gold Crystal Fringe Earrings
Janis Savitt gold and crystal fringe chandelier earrings. Length: 4 inches, surgical steel posts, gold...
$ 115.00
Janis Savitt Gold Small Hoop Earrings
Janis Savitt "Oprah's Favorite" gold small hoop earrings. Width: 0.375 inches, Hoop Diameter: 1.25 inches,...
$ 75.00
Janis Savitt Gold Oval Hoop Earrings
Janis Savitt gold oval hoop earrings. 18K yellow gold plated brass, 1 and 1/4" wide...
$ 90.00
Janis Savitt Gold Triple Hoop Earrings
Janis Savitt gold triple hoop earrings in high polished 18k gold plated brass. Width: 0.5"...
$ 175.00
EFCollection-TripleChainStudEarringCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-TripleChainStudEarringCharm-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Triple Chain Stud Earring Charm
Make the connection! By attaching this triple chain stud earring charm from EF Collection to...
$ 125.00
Jella Olive Pearl Earrings
Stunning earrings made of olive pearls which dangle from sterling silver. Jella World Artist Collections...
$ 40.00
Jella Freshwater Pearl Earrings
The simplicity of the design of these earrings is just as stunning as the freshwater...
$ 40.00
Jella Iridescent Olive Double Pearl Earrings
An iridescent glow brings life to these double olive pearl earrings that cascade from a...
$ 56.00
Jella Freshwater Pearl and Dyed Coral Earrings
Rugged, dyed red coral contrasts with the sophistication of the freshwater pearl on these stunning...
$ 48.00
Fantasia STRD2.5 Silver Round Stud Earrings
Fantasia silver CZ round studs earrings.   All Fantasia by DeSerio is made of precious metals,...
$ 140.00
Janis Savit gold hoops with pearl Oprahs favorite Pumpz Janis Savit gold hoops with pearl Oprahs favorite Pumpz
Janis Savitt Gold Hoop Earrings with Single Pearl
One of Oprah's favorites! 2 inch diameter hoop. Swarovski pearl . High polished gold plated...
$ 90.00
Janis savit gold crystal hoops pumpz
Janis Savitt Gold Hoop Crystal Earrings
18K yellow gold plated brass with swarovksi crystal hoop earrings. 2 inch diameter hoops. Surgical...
$ 100.00
Fantasia 5ct CZ Stud Earrings
Available in gold or silver metal. All Fantasia by DeSerio is made of precious metals,...
$ 165.00
GoldfineJewelry-AudreyDrops-2022-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-AudreyDrops-2022-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Audrey Drops
Bring on the Audrey Hepburn vibes with these Audrey Drops from Goldfine Jewelry! Vintage inspired...
$ 68.00
EFCollection-DiamondDoubleHuggieChainEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondDoubleHuggieChainEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Double Huggie Chain Earring
EF Collection's diamond double huggie chain earring features 0.12 carats of diamond set in 14k gold. ...
$ 450.00
EFCollection-DiamondMiniLightningBoltStudEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMiniLightningBoltStudEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Mini Lightning Bolt Stud Earring
The best ideas are like a bolt of lightning. Add a fun flourish to your...
$ 325.00
EFCollection-DiamondMiniHuggiewithDiamondTeardropDropEarring-2022-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMiniHuggiewithDiamondTeardropDropEarring-2022-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Mini Huggie with Diamond Teardrop Drop Earring
An everyday essential, this EF Collection mini huggie earring is crafted with a row of...
$ 795.00
GoldfineJewelry-VintagePearlPaperclipEarrings-2021-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-VintagePearlPaperclipEarrings-2021-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Vintage Pearl Paperclip Earrings
Goldfine Jewelry 14k gold fill and vintage one of a kind pearls. 
$ 75.00
Goldfine Jewelry Large Pearl Pull Thru Earrings
The perfect classic pearl for wearing out! These Goldfine Jewelry earrings thread through the earring...
$ 75.00
Goldfine Jewelry Coco Black Pearl and Black Crystal Drop Earrings
Goldfine Jewelry originally designed these earrings for brides and their bridal parties but quickly realized...
$ 75.00
Goldfine Jewelry Coco White Pearl and Black Crystal Drop Earrings
Goldfine Jewelry originally designed these earrings for brides and their bridal parties but quickly realized...
$ 75.00
GoldfineJewelry-VintageGoldLeafEarrings-2021-Pumpz GoldfineJewelry-VintageGoldLeafEarrings-2021-Pumpz
Goldfine Jewelry Vintage Gold Leaf Earrings
Vintage Gold Leaf Pendant Earrings from Goldfine Jewelry. Light as a feather and complimentary to...
$ 75.00
Janis Savitt Gold Swirl Earrings
Janis Savitt gold swirl earrings in high polished 18k gold plated brass. Width: 1" ;...
$ 115.00