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Van Den Abeele Cowrie Charm

Sale price$ 650.00

Lovely pendant made in the shape of a Cowrie shell. It is sculpted out of the rough stone with the carving technique. It is set with 10 diamonds on a white gold crimp. The 18k Gold suspension ring is adorned with two diamonds that underline the precious look of this piece. The shell symbolizes remote places and oceans, it makes you contemplate with a sincere respect of nature.

It can be set on a thin chain or a thicker one, thanks to its 18k Gold suspension ring set with two diamonds which is wide enough for 3mm links. You may also like to wear it on a hoop earring for a great fashion touch.

Available in Amethyst , Quartz and Turquoise.


Van Den Abeele Cowrie Charm
Van Den Abeele Cowrie Charm Sale price$ 650.00