Janis Savitt Gold and White Pearl Hoop Earrings
Janis Savitt Gold and White Pearl Hoop Earrings
Janis Savitt 18K high polished yellow gold plated brass. 1" diameter hoop with 8mm Swarovski...
$ 99.00
Jella Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace
This stunning strand of freshwater pearls on suede can be used as a lariat, choker,...
$ 60.00
L.C. Yellow Gold Diamond Initial Charm
L.C. 14K yellow gold plated, diamond initial necklace charm. Sold without a chain, they are...
$ 695.00
Janis Savitt Small Gold and White Pearl Hoop Earrings
Janis Savitt gold and white pearl hoop earrings. 18K high polished yellow gold plated brass....
$ 99.00
Janis Savitt Medium Gold Hoop Earrings
Oprah's favorite medium gold hoop earrings. Width: 0.375 inches; Hoop diameter: 1.5 inches. High polished...
$ 90.00
Janis Savitt Large Gold Hoop Earrings
Oprah's favorite large hoop earrings. Width: 0.375 inches; Hoop diameter 2.125 inches. High polished 18K...
$ 115.00
Janis Savitt Gold Oval Link Chain Bracelet
Janis Savitt gold oval link chain bracelet. Length: 7.5 inches; Link: 0.25 x 0.625 inches....
$ 75.00
Janis Savitt Gold Small Oval Chain Bracelet
Janis Savitt gold oval chain bracelet. Length: 7.5 inches; Link: 0.5 x 0.625 inches. 18K...
$ 80.00
Janis Savitt Gold Chain Bracelet
Janis Savitt gold chain bracelet. Length: 7.5 inches; Width: 0.25 inches. 18K gold plated brass.
$ 75.00
Think Royln The Cell Bag
The ultimate hands-free crossbody companion perfectly sized for your phone and other essentials. Lightweight and...
$ 98.00
Think Royln Bum Bag Crossbody
Crossbody, Fanny Pack, Waist Bag or Bum Bag...it is back in style and here to...
$ 78.00
Fantasia PF1367 Five Stone White Gold Necklace
5 Cubic zirconia stone white gold necklace. All Fantasia by DeSerio is made of precious...
$ 215.00
Ariel Gordon Mini Imperial Disc Charm
The Mini Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace is a much-requested evolution of Ariel Gordon's best-selling Imperial...
$ 665.00
ArielGordon-ImperialDiscPendantNecklace-2021-Pumpz ArielGordon-ImperialDiscPendantNecklace-2021-Pumpz
Ariel Gordon Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace
Evoking a castaway 70's vibe, the Imperial Disc Pendant is as chic as can be...
$ 1,945.00
EFCollection-TripleChainStudEarringCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-TripleChainStudEarringCharm-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Triple Chain Stud Earring Charm
Make the connection! By attaching this triple chain stud earring charm from EF Collection to...
$ 125.00
EFCollection-Diamond&BlackEnamelHeartNecklaceCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-Diamond&BlackEnamelHeartNecklaceCharm-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond and Black Enamel Heart Necklace Charm
EF Collection's best selling diamond and enamel heart now available as a necklace charm features...
$ 1,270.00
EFCollection-SingleDiamondSafetyPinEarring-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-SingleDiamondSafetyPinEarring-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Single Diamond Safety Pin Earring
Delicate with an edge! EF Collection single safety pin earring is crafted in gleaming 14k...
$ 575.00
EFCollection-RubyBirthstoneNecklaceCharm-2021-Pumpz EF Collection Ruby Birthstone Necklace Charm
EF Collection Ruby Birthstone Necklace Charm
EF Collection ruby (July) birthstone necklace charm features 0.06 carats of selected stone. Stone set in...
$ 195.00
EF Collection Gold Faceted Ball Chain
EF Collection 14k yellow gold faceted chain. Chain length measures: 16-18”. Pairs well with the EF...
$ 525.00
EFCollection-DiamondMamaInitialNecklace-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondMamaInitialNecklace-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Mama Initial Necklace
EF Collection diamond mama initial necklace features 0.11 carats of diamonds set in 14k yellow...
$ 825.00
EFCollection-DiamondLoveNecklaceCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondLoveNecklaceCharm-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Love Necklace Charm
EF Collection diamond love necklace charm features 0.08 carats of diamonds set in 14k yellow...
$ 395.00
EFCollection-PearlBirthstoneCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-BirthstoneCharms-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Pearl Birthstone Necklace Charm
EF Collection pearl (June) birthstone necklace charm features 0.06 carats of selected stone. Stone set in...
$ 150.00
EFCollection-DiamondBirthstoneCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondBirthstoneCharm-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Birthstone Necklace Charm
EF Collection diamond (April) birthstone necklace charm features 0.06 carats of selected stone. Stone set...
$ 250.00
EFCollection-DiamondBezelStackRing-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-DiamondBezelStackRing-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Bezel Stack Ring
EF Collection diamond bezel stack ring features 8 bezel set diamonds (0.18 tcw) set in 14k...
$ 795.00
EFCollection-MiniGoldMamaInitialNecklace-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-MiniGoldMamaInitialNecklace-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Mini Gold Mama Initial Necklace
Our mini gold mama initial necklace is made of solid 14k yellow gold. Mama width measures:...
$ 525.00
EFCollection-MamaDiamondPendantCharm-2021-Pumpz EFCollection-MamaDiamondPendantCharm-2021-Pumpz
EF Collection Diamond Mama Necklace Charm
EF Collection diamond "MAMA" necklace charm features 0.12 carat of diamonds set in 14k yellow gold. Pendant height...
$ 525.00
EF Collection 3 Diamond Enamel Stack Ring
EF Collection 3 diamond, enamel stack rings feature 0.05 carats of diamonds. Set in 14K...
$ 595.00
Ariel Gordon 14K Gold Baby Chain
When you want just a whisper, the Baby Chain is what you're looking for. It's...
$ 245.00
Ariel Gordon 14k Gold Satellite Layering Chain
Delicate with faint gold bead accents throughout, the Arial Gordon Satellite Chain is dainty and...
$ 385.00
Janis Savitt Gold Large Oval Chain Bracelet
18K gold plated brass chain link bracelet. Length: 8 inches.
$ 85.00
Janis Savitt Gold and Gunmetal Double Cobra Bracelet
High polished 18K gold and gunmetal plated brass double Cobra bracelet by Janis Savitt.
$ 75.00
Avant Garde Paris Brass Berlin Bracelet
This chic, chainlink, Berlin bracelet is an obvious choice to add a bold yet tasteful...
$ 155.00
Avant Garde Paris Brass Kesev Pendant
Show off in this one-of-a-kind long chain statement necklace! This exquisite piece features four scattered...
$ 145.00
Avant Garde Paris Brass Rocky Cuff
This must-have cuff bracelet inhabits a modern industrial aesthetic depicted through its unique, brass plated,...
$ 155.00
Avant Garde Paris Brass Mayon Cuff
The Mayon, large link cuff is a must-have statement accessory that stands out on its...
$ 147.00
Avant Garde Paris Brass Jon Ring
Decorate your finger with this enticing and unique ring. This one-of-a-kind ring is set with...
$ 75.00
Avant Garde Paris Brass Pardess Strass Ring
An illustrious bold statement ring exhibiting an industrial-luxe feel. This versatile piece features linear "wrap-around"...
$ 75.00
Kempton & Co. Black Macramé Bag Strap
This black macramé strap is the perfect addition to any bag. Inspired by friendship bracelets...
$ 115.00
Kempton&Co-BlushCamoSuedeMediumPouch-2021-Pumpz Kempton&Co-BlushCamoSuedeMediumPouch-2021-Pumpz
Kempton & Co. Blush Camo Suede Medium Pouch
Made of soft printed on calf skin suede the Blush Camo Medium Pouch is trimmed...
$ 165.00
Kempton&Co-MiniSequinSmallPouch-2021-Pumpz Sale
Kempton & Co. Mini Sequin Small Pouch
Life is short, carry sequins! A little sparkle isn’t just for special occasions. This gorgeous muted gold...
$ 38.00 $ 125.00
Kempton & Co. Pewter Chevron Medium Pouch
Kempton & Co.'s classic medium pouch, redefined. The medium pouch is a perfect size for...
$ 195.00
Kempton&Co-MiniSequinGringoBeltBag-2021-Pumpz Kempton&Co-MiniSequinGringoBeltBag-2021-Pumpz Sale
Kempton & Co. Mini Sequin Gringo Belt Bag
Everyone needs a guilty treasure. This Gringo Belt Bag, featuring marvelous muted gold sequins up...
$ 96.00 $ 320.00
Kempton&Co-MiniSequinMediumPouch-2021-Pumpz Sale
Kempton & Co. Mini Sequin Medium Pouch
Join the glitterati! This gorgeous muted gold Mini Sequin - Medium Pouch, with a buttery...
$ 58.00 $ 195.00
Kempton&Co-MetallicCamoFurtivoBeltBag-2021-Pumpz Kempton&Co-MetallicCamoFurtivoBeltBag-2021-Pumpz
Kempton & Co. Metallic Camo Furtivo Belt Bag
This classic Furtivo Belt Bag is made from printed on canvas, fully lined with natural...
$ 295.00
Kempton & Co. Jet Stud Small Pouch
Ready, set… jet! Don’t waste time, this gorgeous Jet Stud Small Pouch, in buttery black cowhide...
$ 125.00
Kempton&Co-BrassStudMediumPouch-2021-Pumpz Kempton  & Co. Brass Stud Medium Pouch
Kempton & Co. Brass Stud Medium Pouch
The perfectly sized medium pouch goes rock and roll with dozens of distressed brass studs...
$ 195.00
Kempton & Co. Mauve and Blush Bag Strap
This vivid harlequin design is composed of mauve, blush, cream, grey and black. Inspired by friendship bracelets that Kempton...
$ 115.00
Kempton&Co-KiberaBeadedStripeSmallPouch-2021-Pumpz Sale
Kempton & Co. Kibera Beaded Stripe Small Pouch
Kibera Small Pouch is a beaded beauty. The lovely luxe suede, embellished with an absolutely...
$ 38.00 $ 125.00
ArielGordon-14KYellowGoldClassicChainNecklace-2021-Pumpz ArielGordon-14KYellowGoldClassicChainNecklace-2021-Pumpz
Ariel Gordon 14K Gold Classic Link Necklace
Over sized in all the right ways! This solid gold, hand made, Classic Link Necklace...
$ 4,900.00
Kempton & Co. Chalk Macramé Bag Strap
This chalk macramé strap is the perfect addition to any bag. Inspired by friendship bracelets that Kempton...
$ 115.00